I pulled this nice piece of curly maple from a pile of logs at Alcoma Golf Course in Penn Hills in October of 2008.  After I roughed it out it cracked almost in half while it was drying. It was such a nice piece of wood that I didn’t want to waste it, so there it sat in the basement for over a year.  Yesterday I took it to the bandsaw and cut it in half.  I traced the profile onto a piece of walnut and then cut that out.  Tonight I glued it all back together.  Hopefully it looks good after I do the final turning.  We’ll see…

It’s finished!  It turned out pretty good.  Now it just has to darken a few shades to match the rest of the furniture.  Not sure what the next project will be.  Probably a long sofa-back style table for Kristin’s boss, Paul.  First I have to clean up the mess I’ve made from this one, and finish a bowl for a customer.

I’ve got most of the tedious sanding done and several coats of polyurethane have been applied.  Most of the assembly is done also.  I still need to put in the hinges, which are pretty easy to screw up!  If all goes well it should be in use by tomorrow.  It’s turning out better than I expected.  The wood on the top is really pretty.  Almost a shame to have to put something on it to cover it up.

We bought a new, fancy, flat screen tv recently and didn’t have anything to put it on, so I’m building a stand for it.  I’ve finished most of the hard stuff and dry-fitted it tonight.  Here it is so far.  It’s all cherry, cherry veneer and the door panels are curly maple.  It’s about 2 feet high and about 4 feet long.  So far everything is going good.